Howard Finberg giving the keynote address on the future of journalism and journalism education at the European Journalism Centre anniversary celebration in 2012.

This is the site of The Digital Futurist, also known as Howard Finberg’s reflections, ramblings and remembrances. I’ve been looking the future of newspapers and online media, at the future of journalism education and at technology’s impact upon journalism. My short bio: 40+ years in media and teaching and training; the longer bio is elsewhere on the site. I’m now retired so this is a passion project.

Most of my focus is in creating a digital timeline.  This is an opportunity to review a number of files from a number of careers and jobs.  It is a “bits and pieces” project that is a bit personal [ego], a bit history and a bit interesting connections as we look towards the future. It’s a little like creating my autobiography in digital bytes.

The other area on the site that I’m constructing holds memos and presentations. [There’s lots of work to be done with this section.]