Journalism education can’t teach its way to the future

In June 2012, I wrote an article for Poynter Online about the future of journalism education.  The article was based on a keynote speech I gave at the 20th anniversary of the European Journalism Centre.

Here are some excepts from the start of the article:

As we think about the changes whipping through the media industry, there is a nearby storm about to strike journalism education.

The future of journalism education will be a very different and difficult future, a future that is full of innovation and creative disruption. And, I believe, we will see an evolution and uncoupling between the value of a journalism education and a journalism degree.

The future of journalism education is linked to the future of journalism itself. Each is caught within the other’s vortex, both spinning within today’s turmoil of change.

The disruption in the economic models of news organizations, rippling out from the United States to Europe and elsewhere, is well documented.

The media industry missed the inflection point when things started to change more than 20 years ago. Media companies have been disrupted by innovation created by others, by new organizations and technology companies.

Journalism education is at its own inflection point.

You can still read the entire article at Poynter.

The full text of the speech is available at Access, the blog for Poynter’s News University.

You can watch the video of Howard Finberg’s speech about the future of journalism education to the European Journalism Centre 20th Anniversary conference.


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