Visual History of Poynter NewsU

Today is the official 10th birthday of Poynter News University. This journalism e-learning project, funded by the Knight Foundation and championed by Eric Newton, succeed because of the great teaching by The Poynter Institute faculty and hundreds of adjuncts and lecturers. It also worked because of the VERY hard work by the NewsU Crew: Robin Sloan, Vicki Krueger, Paige West, Casey Frechette, Ben Russell, Vanessa Goodrum, Phil Zepeda, Susan Crain, Elizabeth Ferris Costello, Willi Rudowsky, Chip Scanlan, Jennifer Dronkers Collins, Jen Ogborn Wallace, Nuria Peña, Leslie Passante, Sandy Johnakin, Kathryn Rende, Pam Hogle, Vidisha Priyanka, Lauren Klinger, Ren LaForme and Jordan Kranse, the newest member and the Institute’s Finberg Fellow. And there are lots of other folks.

I’ve created a visual history of NewsU, which has more than 325,000 registered users, as my thank you. Or is it Thank Ewe [inside joke]. It is 10 years of history in about 10 minutes.