Chicago Tribune Graphics Service’s 1st Catalog

The success of the Chicago Tribune’s graphics desk allowed the company to offer a service.  We would send out slick sheets of graphics via express mail service on Saturday.  The first index provided a catalog of the more than 1,000 graphics sent to subscribers in the 70 weeks since the service started.  What we have tried to do is provide a list of the material that has some shelf life [usable after a period of time] or a graphic that could provide the base for  a graphic  that can be updated with  new information.

Here are the folks who made it work:

This index was put together under the direction of  Howard Finberg, Graphics Editor of the Chicago Tribune, with the appreciated assistance of Mark Maynard, an editing  assistant. Larry Townsend, Director of the Graphics Service and editor of the KNT News Wire at the Tribune, has had the difficult task of updating the file weekly and trying to make the project as handy for other editors as it has been for us. Tony Majeri has provided help in the graphic  look of the  project.

Every Friday Larry and I would gather up velox copies of the various graphics published or planned for the Tribune.