Newspapers and the Dilemma of Innovation

It was clear, even to me, that by the early 2000s, the newspaper industry would be facing its greatest challenge.  The disruption was widespread in many industries and there were lessons from book publishers, record companies and even the steel manufacturers.

I gave a presentation at media-convergence workshop sponsored by The Media Center at the American Press Institute at Newspaper Association of America’s technical conference, NEXPO, in Orlando, June 21.

As reported in TechNews, the NAA’s convention daily, I said the newspaper industry

 … sits at an “inflection point,”where disruptive technologies surround the medium and demand that companies “throw off the existing culture and methods of doing business.

“Our customers  are getting smarter. Their expectations are higher,”he said.They want to do business in their time, not yours,”aided by forces of disruption,”such as cellular-data services, instant messaging and real-time businesses.

Some of this presentation referenced one of my favorite books, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen.