Saying Goodbye to Great SF Chronicle Photographers

One of my great joys working at the San Francisco Chronicle was the photography department.  I was the first real photo editor at the paper and one of my goals was to improve the opportunities for the photographers to contribute to the paper’s journalism.  [Before I arrived at the paper, photos were often dropped off at the news desk into a wooden box.  I like to joke that I put that box out of a job.]

The photo department did a visual goodbye when I left for The Arizona Republic in June, 1987. It was a great team of friendly and hard-working journalists.  These photos are by Gary Fong, the chief photographer.  Gary and I remain friends.  He is in the front row, in the center.

On the far left side is another friend, Bryan Moss.  I hired Bryan as a food photographer, with no experience in food photography. But that’s another story.