The Memo and Presentation Collection of Howard Finberg

During my career path, through a variety of jobs, I’ve written memos; at some places hundreds of memos. I wrote memos about projects, reports about the future, updates on various trips.  These memos ranged from the interesting to the mundane. Some of the memos might provide an interesting window on a particular time at a particular company.  Others reflect an interesting project or event.

I’ve also created an area for copies of various presentations I’ve created and shared during my career. These might provide a small piece of the history of the media industry during active [revolutionary?] times.

While these memos are interesting, they don’t warrant inclusion in the “Analog to Digital” timeline.

This is all part of my goal to “de-stuff” our house of old files. I’ve scanned these memos and presentations and uploaded them here so the paper can be recycled into something useful. Perhaps they might turn the memos into Starbucks coffee cup holders.

Here are the sections of this collection:

All of these pages are under construction. Thanks for your patience.